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Coaching Programmes

Mini Tennis Red (6 – 8 year olds)

The perfect way to introduce tennis to your child. Taken on a mini tennis court with large low compression tennis balls. Each session will cover basic coordination, racquet and ball skills as well as the basic tennis strokes. These sessions will be fun based to get your little ones hooked and be full of games and enjoyment!

Mini Tennis Orange (8 – 9 year olds)

The next stage up from red. Played on a 3/4 size court (full width but slightly shorter in length) with different low compression balls. Session will emphasise on the basics of the game in more depth, improving technique, along with slight tactics, rules and again fun and enjoyment.

Mini Tennis Green (9- 10 year olds)

Played on a full size court with different low compression balls. These sessions look to develop technique even further and develop all strokes in a full court game of tennis. More game based practices as well as match practice and tactics to improve the all round game.


Having developed all the strokes from Mini Tennis, players are required to rally from the baseline and understand the game to the maximum. Played with normal tennis balls on a full size court, this session looks to improve technique and use more game based practices. These sessions will also include match practice, fun games and tournaments.


Designed for the player who is looking to begin entering tournaments and improve their all round game. Players should be developing all types of spin and improving all aspects to the maximum. Also improving fitness, understanding all rules and etiquette of the game.


Players should be able to play all the strokes and have full control of the ball. These sessions will look to improve fitness, techniques and tactical aspects of the game, as well as the mental side. Match play will play a large part of this group, but not forgetting the fun aspect.

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